Future Plan

As part of the global progress plan and an initiative towards continual improvement, the future plan of this project is to add more assembly lines in order to increase the capacity and meet the global customer demand.

It is a pride to announce that a new plant is being setup in Tirupati to meet the requirements of Southern part of India which would be capable of producing 1 Million phones per month and would be fully functional by 1st Quarter of 2018. This would also reduce the lead time & transportation cost being borne by the mobile brands which are being assembled in Noida and distribution channel lies in Southern India.

Moving ahead as step of Make in India, an SMT plant is planned to start in Noida to do the PCB assembly for mobile phones and reduce the import dependency. The two plants will open new job opportunities for more than 2000 people empowering the Skill India mission along with cost benefits which would be ultimately transferred to user.